Here are some testimonials from our class members…

“Hand on heart, Lorraine is a truly wonderful instructor. Her step-by-step instructions through each exercise make it really easy to follow. And with her wit and humour weaved in, it makes for a great class. The results speak for themselves. [I] would definitely recommend her classes.”

Angela Rigby, 47

“I’ve been to other Pilates classes but Park View is by far the best. Lorraine is a fantastic teacher – she clearly explains all the exercises, checks you’ve got them right (no slacking!) and gives alternatives if needed because of injury etc. Pilates has done wonders getting some mobility into my bad back. I can’t recommend highly enough!”

Victoria C, 31

“I joined the beginners Pilates class in January 2012 and have been to the class regularly ever since. Being quite tall, I have found that the regular exercise and stretching has been really beneficial to my back, overall posture and well being. The classes are fun, we work as hard as we are able to and can go at our own pace. I enjoy Lorraine’s style and sense of humour, and would recommend the classes to anyone.”

Sue, “over 60!”

“Since starting Pilates five months ago, I have found my back pain has improved, I am more supple and can move more freely. Lorraine makes the classes enjoyable and talks us through each move, giving alternative suggestions to allow for all levels of mobility. It’s surprising the difference a fun hour each week can make.”

CDS, 66

“Lorraine of Park View Pilates is a great Pilates tutor. She explains the movements well and offers alternatives to anyone who needs them. I found other Pilates classes difficult to follow and the movements were not described well, which often left me feeling a bit lost. I would be more than happy to recommend Park View Pilates to anyone interested in Pilates, whether a newcomer or experienced follower.”

Kate, 32

“Lorraine’s style of teaching is just perfect as she explains each move in layman’s language.  Lorraine has a great sense of humour, which is a treat!  Mind you, she does expect a cake if you happen to leave your phone on and it rings*!” Anne (*We should explain, if a mobile phone goes off in one of Lorraine’s classes, she will expect the guilty person to bring her cake the following week. Preferably lemon drizzle).

“Lorraine is a great teacher.  She is patient with questions and with those slow to learn the Pilates techniques.  Her verbal instructions are really clear and given at a good pace and with a light-hearted humour.  She shares a huge repertoire of exercises to suit different levels and abilities and to accommodate injuries.  I joined a weekly class just a couple of terms ago and the stretching and strengthening exercises have made a significant difference to my balance and stability. ”

DB, 47

“I look forward to my Tuesday evening class every week. Not only is Pilates strengthening and great for my posture, it’s relaxing, too! Lorraine’s a great teacher and makes the classes fun.”

Claire Ndekwe, 36

“Lorraine is a fantastic instructor. She talks through the positions in detail, making it easy to follow. I have felt a reduction of pain in my neck and shoulders [since doing Pilates].”

Lorna, 24

“I joined Lorraine’s classes in the New Year, 2014 […] to complement my running as I felt that my core was weak and read that strengthening a weak core can have great and positive effects on running. My main aim was to achieve a sub 4 hour marathon. Having been near to this at 4 hours 4 mins in June 2013 I felt that this should be possible, but I seemed to keep missing the magic sub 4 and my marathon times had started to go backwards at 4:11, 4:08 etc. etc. So close, but no cigar!  In May 2014, I achieved my goal, coming across the finish line at Edinburgh Marathon, in 3 hours and 57 minutes. Pilates has made me stronger [and] I feel that it has contributed to me achieving my personal goal. Lorraine is a very good teacher, explains well, has a cracking sense of humour and always makes the classes fun.”

Ruth Cottam, 49

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